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Pushing the Envelope with 10 IL-2 doses

Posted by on May 13, 2010 in IL-2, Immunotherapies (IL-2, IL-15, PD-1s, etc.), My Health Updates - No comments

proleukinKicking ass and taking names.  That’s what a friend wrote on my mom’s facebook page when she posted the news that Chris just finished dose 10.  That’s right, dose 10!  If you’re surprised by that — you’re not half as surprised as the doctors.

They came by at 4:00, ready to pull the plug (on the IL-2, not on Chris).  Chris told them he wasn’t ready to stop.  I told the doctor that we wanted a few minutes to talk it over.  She promptly informed me that we could take all the time we wanted, but it probably wasn’t a good idea to move forward. Chris’ kidney was in danger and his blood pressure was too low.

After giving us a few minutes though, she came around to our way of thinking.  Ok, I’m not gonna lie — she came around to Chris’ way of thinking.  Truth be told, I didn’t want to see my guy in pain for another minute and I was more than happy to stop at nine, but Chris really felt strongly about going on.  The doctor decided that Chris was young and strong enough to do one more dose, but she made it clear that ten was the end. No more.  We felt like that was a pretty reasonable compromise.

I’ve clearly failed at my job of keeping caringbridge updated this week during the treatment – but Chris has obviously done a great job this week.  We’ve had the usual side effects — high heart rate, low blood pressure, red skin, fluid buildup, et cetera — but he’s weathered the storm really well.  As his nurse Chevelle said, “You look good.  Most people at this dose look like they’ve been through a hurricane, than a tsunami, then struck by lightening,  but you just look like you got caught in a little rain storm and came back inside to dry off.”  Chevelle is right — as the nurses here at Duke always are — he does look good!  I’m incredibly proud of him.

If all goes well tonight, we should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow and head back to D.C. on Saturday.

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