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Tell Congress not to forget about kidney cancer when it’s providing research funds

Posted by on March 6, 2012 in RCC News & Research - 3 Comments


Action to Cure Kidney Cancer, a non-profit dedicated to raising money for kidney cancer research, has launched a letter-writing campaign to convince Congress to direct a small part of the money it gives to cancer research to got to kidney cancer.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception among some that cancer is cancer. Every cancer is different, though. Treatments that work on some cancers don’t work on others. For example, common cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation don’t work on kidney cancer. Until several years ago, there was only one FDA-approved treatment — IL-2. As many of you know, IL-2 has about an eight percent success rate for a complete response. It has about a 30 percent success rate in terms of a partial response. If you didn’t get a response with IL-2, there was nothing else to do but watch the cancer take its course.

We’ve had some recent breakthroughs with targeted therapy, but even these drugs are stopgap. Cancerous cells eventually find a way to work around the drugs. More research is desperately needed to find cures that work on this particular cancer.

All cancers matter, and we support the fight against all cancers. However, a few of the more common cancers tend to dominate the fundraising landscape — both private sector fundraising as well as government support. If you want to urge Congress to offer a little support to helping find a cure for the less common cancers like kidney cancer, join ACKC in its letter-writing campaign.

Just visit the ACKC website — the site will have your members of Congress lined up for you. All you have to do is hit send.

  • Jplantin

    Tell your friends and family to write Congress as well.
    Janet, kc fighter

  • Nixoncheryl

    Friends and family please write letters to Congress to make them aware we need our fair share of funding to fight the dread disease of Kidney Cancer. We are important too! Stage 4,RCC survivor.

  • Pam

    I just received a phone call from my state representative in Maine. Apparently, my e-mail was received and it was read. Chellie Pingree is supporting the need for fair funding to fight the dreaded disease of Kidney Cancer. 

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