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Susan G Komen bullying other cancer charities? Shame

Posted by on February 2, 2012 in RCC News & Research - 3 Comments


breast cancer ribbonIs Susan G Komen becoming the Wal-Mart of cancer charities, overpowering mom and pop charities and even threatening them if they dare use the color pink? Raising money for cancer is obviously a good cause, but bullying other charities seems like a waste of donor dollars — especially when none of these small charities is any kind of threat to the Komen global empire. I’m not sure I’d want to be donating to a cancer organization that was using my dollars to sue other cancer fundraisers. If I wanted to spend my money that way, I’d just give it to the Trial Lawyers Association. (Don’t hold your breath.)  And, by the way, pink is not a copyrighted color. If it were, Pinky from Happy Days could sue Komen et al. And Komen didn’t patent the idea of raising money for breast cancer. Maybe the American Cancer Society should sue them?

Or, maybe, all of these groups should knock off the effort to be the Big Dawg on the block and just join the cause to raise money for a cure to cancer. (Ooops, I used “for a cure” in that sentence. I hope I don’t get sued.) Spend the money on research, not lawyers.

Check out the HuffPo story about the Susan G Komen going after other charities using the word “cure.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/GaryWClayton Gary Clayton

    I agree, there is another foundation that does the same thing if you use the word “Live” or “Strong” in anything. I know this by trying to Copyright a name, when I saw all the applications they protested or took legal action towards, I just gave it up. Not spending a fortune fighting a battle like that.

  • Mbrookhart

    This is so sad that all these charities have to start acting like our government. What good does it due anyone except turn people off to getting involved or making charitable donations. None of us asked for our illness but now is not the time to divide but to pull together for a cure for cancer. We have the most precious gift , the gift of life for all to protect. Let’s not loose all we have fought so hard for because of a few ignorant people.

  • Nixoncheryl

    I agree, shame, shame. I have a problem with one cancer organization that happens to have an incredible marketing guru suing other cancer organizations. We are all in this fight together. Funds raised should go to finding a cure for cancer period.

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