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We Survived Lung Surgery!

Posted by on December 17, 2010 in Medical Procedures and Other Drugs, My Health Updates - No comments


i survived lung surgeryChris’s lung ended up looking like the belly of a great white shark.  Doctor’s found a license plate, three empty bourbon bottles, my mom’s lost hairbrush and Jimmy Hoffa.

The good news is that he came out of the surgery with flying colors.  Our fabulous surgeon Dr. D’Amico said that he removed ten nodules – many of which were scar tissue.  The largest one, as expected, was tumor tissue.  But, it’s not there now!  Woohoo!  He also stripped out some lymph nodes – but we won’t get the pathology report on them for a few days.

Chris is in ICU and his mom and I are currently yelling at him to stay awake, cough and breath into his incentive spirometer.  We’re hoping he can move to a room soon.  I’ll keep everyone updated as things move along.

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