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Post IL-2 Scan Results

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Okay, the doc said he had some good news and some bad news. The IL-2 is having some effect but “there’s a really freaky goiter growing on the back of your neck, man.” He said he didn’t know whether to take a picture or puncture it with a No.2 pencil. “It’s like a schnauzer.”

But then we got down to the IL-2 part.

The first thing we discovered was that the tumors in the lungs had been growing pretty fast. There was signficant growth between the initial November scans and the March scans we took at the very end of the last treatment.

What today’s scans showed was that there had been no further growth since that last March scan. Dr. George, my oncologist, noted that had the treatment not been working, he felt that what had originally been about a 2 centimeter tumor would by now be a 4 centimeter tumor.

What does this mean? Dena and I had walked in hoping to hear that the tumors had actually shrunk. After all, that is the goal. So we were a little disappointed to learn that this was not the case. We were also initially alarmed to discover the rate of growth of the tumors over the past few months. In the end, though, we view today’s results as a victory: We have slowed the progression.

The doctors therefore want to move immediatley into the next round of treatment to maintain forward momentum with the treatment.

And by immediately, I mean right now.

What to make of this?

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