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A little inspiration on keeping a positive mindset when fighting cancer

Posted by on February 13, 2012 in RCC News & Research - 4 Comments
lanier swann

lanier swannHere’s a great story, great example really, about the importance of maintaining a positive attitude after a cancer diagnosis.  Our good friend Lanier Swann, who was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, talks of how her diagnosis changed her perspective on life and helped her prioritize what’s most important — spiritual, physical, emotional. The value of friends and family. I particularly like the fact that she took up running and is training for a half-marathon race at Disney World.

I suggest we start a new Disney-themed race, though, maybe a 5k, at EPCOT — you have to stop at each culture and sample food and wine or beer. Whomever finishes the race first and can still walk a straight line wins! Everybody else gets more beer.

  • Frankfriedman

    A great idea  Chris.  Prof. Frank Friedman,Flint,Mi.

  • Laura Jullien

    Fantastic idea. I say throw one mandatory ride in before crossing the finish line!

  • Jhg1230

    Totally cool idea!!

  • Betty Roddy

    I don’t know if I will ever get over what Chris has gone through…..I thought of him daily, and prayed for him when I prayed for my brother with bladder cancer.
    They were both so strong and always thought of the cure intensely to keep them going day after day. They both realized the power of prayer….and how important it was in their life, I believed God had a plan for other things,
    The beauty of beyond, the love proclaimed by Our Lord Jesus, and most of all The greetings from the garden of love reclaiming His mercy.
    God Be With You Chris

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