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Our Community is Growing at KCCure

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Kidney Cancer Chronicles doesn’t get much new writing anymore, but that’s because we’re publishing and growing our community at KCCure.org! We formed a nonprofit to raise the research funding we need to develop new treatments and find a cure for kidney cancer.

Below are some of the great stories KCCure is sharing daily. Come join the conversation on KCCure.org, Facebook and Twitter! Also join our first annual fundraising initiative, No Tie July, and donate today to cure kidney cancer.


In July, We Can’t Have a Tie – We Must Have a Win! – Dena Battle

KCCure has been offered a $50,000 matching grant for all donations during No Tie July. But a “match” is actually a tie! Help us raise $60,000 this month.


VIDEO: Women Support Kidney Cancer Research in No Tie July – Susan Poteat

During No Tie July, men are taking off their ties and donating to KCCure, but what can women do to show their support for kidney cancer research?


Legacy of a Musketeer – A Cure for Kidney Cancer – By Justin Hienz

I see the legacy of my friend Chris Battle everywhere. KCCure is going to leave a legacy too: a cure for kidney cancer.


D-Day for a Kidney Cancer Warrior – Vicki Loucks

When my late husband was diagnosed with stage IV kidney cancer, he called it D-Day. From that moment on, every day was a gift.


It Takes a Team to Cure Kidney Cancer – Bree Lennox

When KCCure asked me if I would help raise funds for kidney cancer research, I agreed immediately. But how can someone who is not a patient or doctor contribute? Here’s how.

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