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No Stem Cell Transplant

Posted by on April 20, 2010 in Medical Procedures and Other Drugs, My Health Updates - No comments


stem-cell-therapyWe had been waiting for the report from the National Cancer Institute to see if my blood matched either of my brothers’ blood. The call, unfortunately, was negative. In order to qualify for the stem-cell transplant  trial, I had to have an exact blood match with one of my brothers. I didn’t. Those two bastards match each other, but not me. Probably some perverse little conspiracy on their part. Like the Stalin-Hitler Pact — if you don’t give Chris your blood, I won’t either and we’ll save it for each other. (And look how that turned out, guys.)

Unfortunately, only a sibling can provide the blood match, as parents divide their chromosomes among their offspring, making an exact match is impossible. So no other options in the family.

There will be no stem-cell transplants.

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