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IL-2 First Cycle: Eleven Doses and Stopping

Posted by on February 12, 2010 in IL-2, My Health Updates - No comments


kidney failureThe doctors came in this morning and recommended that we stop at dose 11.  Chris’s kidney and liver function are starting to deteriorate and his lungs are struggling to keep up.  Going further would just put too much stress on his organs.

It doesn’t mean we didn’t win the race, just means they moved the finish line.  As I said before, 14 is the maximum (not the optimum) and 11 doses is still a great run.

We spend lots of time here trying to keep spirits up and add a dose of humor to the cancer experience.  But, today was one of those rough days.  The decision to stop dosing was hard on all of us.

And I should clarify the “us” a little.  I’ve mentioned the fantastic doctors here at Duke who have been part of our team.  But, one person I  haven’t talked about enough is Chris’s mother, Linda.

When I got married — I not only got a fantastic husband — I got some great in-laws to go along with him.  My mother-in-law is pretty amazing.  And one of her greatest strengths is caring for others.  She’s no holds barred when it comes to telling doctors and nurses what Chris needs.  And she’ll sleep in a straight back chair night after night and not complain for a minute.  We couldn’t have gone through this without her.

So, getting back to our next steps.  Chris is now recovering from the week of toxic cocktails.  He’s resting up and they’ll be monitoring him throughout the day to see how well he’s doing.  It’s possible that he’ll be released tonight, but more likely that it will be sometime tomorrow.

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