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Interleukin as Exfoliant

Posted by on February 27, 2010 in IL-2, My Health Updates - No comments


The next round of IL-2 treatment begins Monday. Dena is out gathering supplies like a hunter-gatherer before winter sets on. Rather than berries, she is collecting DVDs; ankle socks for doing laps around the cancer ward; shirts that don’t retainInterleukin Facial sweat and have the arms cut out so various IV lines can run their veiny courses; probably a flask; clown repellant; pens for keeping notes; candy; etc.

Dena has become jealous over my “botox peel” as she calls it. This is where all the skin on my face has peeled off. It’s true, though, IL-2 is a hell of an exfoliant. I have a certain windswept beatific glow now — as one of my colleagues at work said, giving me the appearance of having been hanging out in Mexico City for the last couple of weeks doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. But the chemical burn and peel hasn’t finished their ugly waves of burning and peeling yet, and I’m not exactly looking forward to ramping up the process next week in mid-burn.

I’m told to expect to get through half as many doses of interleukin this week as last time. It will be as if we will start off exactly where we left things last time, so the side effects will kick in a lot more quickly and a lot more savagely.  In keeping with the Mexico City theme, it’s like trying to cure a hangover with hideous amounts of hair of the dog.

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