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Things Went Well Until They Didn’t

Posted by on June 24, 2010 in IL-2, Immunotherapies (IL-2, IL-15, PD-1s, etc.), My Health Updates - No comments
proleukinWEDNESDAY, JUNE 23

It’s Wednesday and we just finished dose 4 about an hour ago.  Chris is puffy and red and pretty tired.  For the most part, we’re dealing with all the same issues.  Chris’s creatnine was up a bit this morning so they’ll be watching that closely – especially given the problems that we had with his kidney last time.

People have been stopping by to see the guy who’s doing round 3 — it’s a rare thing around here.  Not surprising, Chris has some hero status here at 9100.  He told them that he was going to do 10 doses — I’ll be happy if we can just get a few more doses in today and tomorrow.

His blood pressure is holding and his heart rate has been pretty stable, so all things appear to be go for the 6:00 dose.  Forging ahead here in Durham.  Keep the prayers coming.



Chris did well through the night but started feeling a bit short of breath this morning.

Bood pressure was good, creatinine was good, but the doctors zeroed in on the shortness of breath.  (As if breathing is so important…)  A quick x-ray of the lungs showed fluid building up and unfortunately that’s a show stopping event.

Chris was able to get in six doses though and that’s a great run for round 3!  Recovery has been quick too – and that’s good because it means that Chris will be good and strong for the next cycle.  We should get out of here tomorrow morning and that’s great news because we’re ready to get back to our girls.

Thank you to all of you for following us this round and keeping us in your prayers!

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