Fainting, Part II

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faintFor those following my epic saga of Needle Fainting, I was – again – unexpectedly taken to the lab for the diagnostics and bloodwork. I walked into the lab and my old friend from before, the one who jabbed me four times before I passed out, shouted out – “Oh lord, it’s Mr. Battle!” Yeah, she actually remembered me. And, yes, shouted out, “Oh, lord!”

I had indeed traumatized her. I could see a bit of a Xanax glaze to her eyes. She looked at the other nurse who was working on me today and warned her that she better take me to one of the beds to draw the blood. My nurse ignored her,so the other said it again.

“He’ll be fine,” my nurse said.

The first nurse made a gesture of snapping smelling salts under her nose and said, “Uh huh, you better take him back so he can lay down.”

“He’ll be all right.”

“Do I look like I’m kidding you?”

“He’ll be all right.”

“Better at least call in his wife.  Maybe a doctor.”

At this point we had a stare-off. The one nurse staring down the other. I was getting a little uncomfortable. The guy next to me was getting a little uncomfortable. There was a lot of needles floating about for this much tension in the room, and about this time my blood pressure thingy went off and my nurse jotted down my stats and then said, “Oh, well, they don’t even want a blood sample this time.”

And with that, the tension fluttered out of the room like helium from a balloon. All the nurses said “Bye Mr. Battle” as I left.

I am notorious in my field.

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