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Natural Killer Cell

Of Porn and Natural Killer Cells: The Mean Streets of the National Institutes of Health

April 25, 2012 - 14 Comments

IL-15 is a cousin of IL-2, but it is believed to be more targeted than the latter. Both drugs are immunotherapeutic, attempting to kickstart the body’s natural immune system into fighting the cancer naturally. Each tries to increase and activate lymphocyites which house Natural Kill Cells. I’m not making this up; Natural Killer Cells is actually what they are called. And although they sound like murderous psychotics, and to some degree they are, they are on our side. Like the body’s own mob hit men.

Good Bye IL-2, Hello Lung Surgery

August 30, 2010 - 1 Comment

The good news is that Durham has a world-renown thoracic surgeon who will do the job. Also good, we [...]

IL-2 Side Effects (for the last time?)

July 19, 2010 - Add Comment

When I get up from a chair to walk, I do that thing you’re not supposed to do until you’re in [...]

Ending on Dose 8

July 17, 2010 - Add Comment

Chris hadn't slept the night before and had begun his standard ritual of going Mel Gibson on the [...]

PICC Line Fiasco, Part II

July 14, 2010 - Add Comment

  We’re on dose six. The medical staff seem impressed, as it’s not unusual for [...]

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PICC Line Fiasco

July 13, 2010 - Add Comment

Unfortunately, things got a little dicey with the pic line. As you may recall, the pic line is [...]

Tests Passed, We Move Forward with Another Round of IL-2

July 12, 2010 - Add Comment

Today’s test results, giving us the thumbs-up to move forward with another cycle of IL-2 [...]

A War for My Kidney and Soul

July 2, 2010 - 2 Comments

There is a war being waged for my kidney and soul. It is big. It is existential. It is cosmic. It is [...]

New IL-2 Side Effects: Muscle Pain, Drunken Stagger and Jimmy Durante Nose

June 26, 2010 - Add Comment

A few more post-treatment side effects to add to the list.

Things Went Well Until They Didn’t

June 24, 2010 - Add Comment

One Wednesday things seemed to be going well; on Thursday we had fluid build-up in Chris's lungs and [...]

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